1. Why Can’t I Create An Account?

  • You Already Have An Account,
    From Menu Bar – Tap Login
  • If You Forgot Your Password:
    Reset It

2. Create Account: Pop Up Says: Passwords Don’t Match, But I Retyped It Several Times?

  • Your Passwords Don’t Match
  • Tap On The Eye Icon For Easy Password Typing
  • You Already Created An Account
  • Go To Menu Bar And Tap – Login

3. PAYMENT ISSUE: My Payment Got Reversed / Returned?

  • Technical Issue Or Issue With The Provider- Please Contact Us.


  • Since its formatted to fit the mobile phone- when viewing on computer- tap “mobile format” top right side of your computer link or simply decrease the width size of the screen – this is only to avoid having any format issues for viewing.


  • The Web-App Is “Reactive” Adjusts To Phone Sizes On I-Phone, Not Android, Some Texts Might Look Odd Due To This Reason, Android -Adjustment Is In The Summer

6. GIFT CARD: How Do I Activate The Gift Card?

  • Go To Menu Bar = Top Right
  • Tap On Subscription
  • Tap – Sign Up Now
  • Scroll To Bottom- Tap- Proceed To Check Out
  • Fill Out The Required Information
  • Scroll Down- HAVE A GIFT CARD?
  • Find Box: Enter Your Code; Place Code In This Box
  • Press- Apply – And Your All Set

7. GIFT CARD: Why Isn’t The Code On The Gift Card Working?

  • Technical Issue Or Issue With The Provider- Please Contact Us


  • For Those Who Receive A Free Code For Marketing/ Sales,
  • Please Follow These Instructions:
  • Create Account, Takes You To Subscription Screen, Tap -Sign Up Now
  • Then Next Page- Grey Box: Coupon Code- Place The Free Code Here,
  • Press “Apply Coupon” , See Total- Is $0
  • Scroll To Bottom, Press : Proceed To Checkout
  • Next Page- Scroll To Bottom-
  • Check The Box- Read & Agree To Terms/ Conditions, Then Tap Sign Up Now

9. Web-App Not Working?

  • Technical Issue Or Issue With The Provider- Please Contact Us

10. How Do I Find A List Of Programs?

  • In The Program Library Found In Wellness Menu & Main Menu

11. Which Program Is Best For My Teenage Kids? Elderly Parents?

  • Check Out The Daily / Weekly Programs; A Plethora Or Great Activities To Try – Grounding, Forest Bathing, Circadian Health, Etc.

12. How To Use The Nature Time Guide As My Daily Wellness Routine?

  • Explore The Program Library, See Which Resonates With You- Similar To Other Wellness Activities
  • Discover What Works Best For You, Or Check Out The Daily/ Weekly Program Suggestions

1. Where Can I Find It?

  • Main Menu (Let’s Explore), Meu Bar, Nature & Lifestyle Menu
  • Its Called Nature Scheduler/ Prescription

2. Who Can Use The Nature Time Scheduler? (Rx Prescription Tool Kit)

  • Anyone That Wants To Stay Healthy

3. Do You Need To Be A Physician/ Doctor To Prescribe Nature Via The RX Nature Prescription Tool Kit?

  • NO
  • Anyone Can Access The
    RX Nature Prescription Tool Kit
  • The Medical Community Can Use The RX Prescription Tool Kit To Educate, Empower & Support Individuals About The Health Benefits Of Nature And Lifestyle As Preventive Medicine.

4. How Can Patients View The Prescription?

  • Patients Must Subscribe In-Order To Access The Prescription
  • Then Find It Under- My Scheduler
  • In Wellness Menu And Menu Bar

5. How To Send, Receive, Results Nature Scheduler / Nature Prescription Tool Kit?

To Send

  • Go To: Nature Scheduler/ Nature Prescription Tool Kit:
  • Fill Out The Top, Choose Programs, Then Press Submit At Bottom

To Receive, View, Find

Your Scheduler/Nature Prescription:

  • Go To Menu Bar ( Top Right Of Screen): Tap On: My Scheduler
  • Find Date Of Form Sent

6. If I’m A Doctor, Psyc, Health Coach Or Other, Interested In Collaborating, Are You Currently Hiring?


  • We Are Not hiring, We are looking for Partners. Please Contact Us

  • Iris Rosin – CEO/ Founder Of Nature Time Offer In- Person Programs, Walks & Talks
  • In The NYC Area, Long Island, CT And The Surrounding Area
  • Iris Also Offer Biophilic Design, Consultation Services
  • Find The Details Through Iris Rosin Website; www.irisrosin.com

For Added Questions

Contact Us

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