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Biophilic Living with Nature Time, conceptualized and curated by Iris Rosin, Contributing editor + Biophilic Lifestylist.

Incorporate holistic well-being through Nature therapy, Biophilia and Circadian Health practices and principles.

let the flow of natures positive energy embrace you

With over 30 years of experience spanning wellness, lifestyle, media, biophilic design, and nature-based education, Iris embodies a creative innovative vision deeply rooted in the natural world. Her career trajectory, both nationally and internationally, reflects a steadfast commitment to integrating wellness and nature’s energy into every facet of her life.

Drawing from her wealth of experience, Iris emphasizes the essential connection between humanity and nature, advocating that immersion in natural environments is not a luxury but a vital necessity for the human spirit to thrive. Through her extensive exploration, research and study of nature, human health and its connection, Iris discovered effective methods to address various challenges such as stress, anxiety, and insomnia, ultimately finding solace and balance in nature’s embrace.

    Iris’s 30+ Years of experience is a fusion of Biophilic Wellness, Lifestyle, Design and Products, Including Nature Based Educational Programs, Services & Media.

    Certified in Nature and Forest Therapy, Biophilia Wellness and Design, Quantum Biology, Iris recognizes the profound impact of nature on personal well-being. Leveraging her expertise, she offers Biophilic Lifestyle and Design services to entrepreneurs, educators, students, Individuals, hospitality,members clubs,  real estate, industry leaders,  Insurance benefits and the medical community.

    Iris is a Talented Creative Innovator, Educator & Entrepreneur and Strongly Believes that Education is the Key to Life. Health is The New Wealth.

    In addition to the Nature Time Webapp, Iris offers a diverse range of nature-based In-person and virtual workshops, wellness programs, therapeutic walks, speaker events, and biophilic design initiatives. Her clientele includes companies seeking to enhance employee wellness, tennant wellbeing & community, hospitality establishments, medical facilities, educational institutions, organizations focused on research and community well-being

    You can find Iris often enjoying Nature on her day-trips outside the city, Checking out Various nature Trails, farms, Authentic Towns, Beaches and Forests.
    Iris Often takes her Nature Breaks and therapeutic walks In her Local Community.


    nurture. calm. heal. balance.

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