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Embrace Natures Positive Energy

Guide to mind+body+ spirit wellness

An Immersive evidence based wellness & lifestyle guide, serves as a valuable tool to seamlessly integrate a sustainable Biophilic (nature immersed) lifestyle to nurture. calm. heal. balance.

A Curated discovery platform, providing tools and methods for sustainable biophilic living, aligning lifestyle and built environment with the positive impact of the natural world.

Ancient Therapeutic Wellness Techniques

Explore Nature Therapy, Biophilia Wellness and Circadian Health, renowned for their efficacy in Reducing stress, anger, blood pressure, inflammation

Enhancing productivity, brain function, mood and sleep quality.

These practices also regulate your body’s natural rhythms, leading to a significantly positive impact on your health for resilience.

We Bring Nature 2U

In today’s fast paced, indoor- focused lifestyle, we often overlook the healing benefit of nature, Our goal is to deliver these benefits to you, regardless of your location.

Nature Time: Your Self Care Guide

Enrich, Empower, Engage through audio, visual or written content, for easy access at your fingertips, connecting you to nature’s rejuvenating energies and frequencies that harmonize and heal our internal system.

Purchase Wellness Tools showcased

Connecting you directly to the source for seamless integration of biophilia into your environment and daily life.

While most practices don’t require anything to purchase, additonal elements are made available to enhance your connection with the natural world.

Self Care Scheduler

Seamlessly organize self care time or a “micro -nature breaks” with our digital scheduler; Ideal to recharge your mood energy and productivity.

Aligning with Nature’s Rhythms

When we sync with the rhythms of the natural world, our mental, emotional, and physical health flourishes.

Human Nature, Needs Nature;

Nature Time guides you towards a harmonious happier and healthier biophilic, (nature inspired) lifestyle.


We Are Nature 

Biophilia: our innate connection to the natural world, crucial for our health and wellbeing to flourish, without this connection our wellbeing diminishes.

Nature Therapy: working with Nature as Medicine for a resilient life

Circadian Health: enhancing health with our body’s natural rhythms, sunlight and lifestyle.

We are beings made of Energies, Frequencies and Light, just like the Earth.

By harmonizing with our natural environment and incorporate Biophilia (nature) elements into our built spaces and daily routine, we can lead more resilient lifestyle.


Human Nature Needs Nature; We Help You Get There

Connecting humanity + wellness + nature + lifestyle to foster resilience

Harness The Power of Natures Energy For Self health, while creating awareness to protect and respect Natures Health

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Your Curated Personal Wellness guide at your fingertips.

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Nurture. Calm. Heal. Balance.


6 Pillars of Health: Mental. Cognitive. Emotional. Social. Physical. Immune.

App Features include:

Interactive, Immersive, User Friendly

Science/evidence based practices

Wellness Library- 30+ curated lessons/programs

Music Wellness Library

Video Library

Interactive wellness

Guided Meditation & Visual-Scapes

Educational vlogs

Interactive tutorials

Curated morning, daytime, sleep wellness tips & routines

Nature Time Day/Night Routine

Instant wellness tips & activities

Stress management tips

Nature therapy, Circadian & Biophilic wellness practices & tips

Mood scale

Activity report

Self care Schedule

Nature prescription tool kit

Social wellness: create groups

Nature & lifestyle news

Wellness Tourism

Mindful Products-e-commerce




Nature = Fuel For Mind. Body. Soul

Suggested Nature Time:
20-30 min / day || 120 min / week

Science Is Showing

Spending 20 minutes engaged in outdoor activities amidst nature boosts and harmonizes your energy levels.

Incorporating biophilia design elements indoors has similarly demonstrated benefits for mental, cognitive, and emotional health.

Researcher and scientists are uncovering substantial evidence linking our connection with the natural world, whether through lifestyle choices or built environments.

Such connections have been shown to profoundly influence our brains and behavior, contributing to our overall well-being.

The negative ion- rich oxygen found in nature has a relaxing effect on the body, detoxing what does not serve our mind, body & soul, resulting in a balanced equilibrium state.

Shown To Reduce

inflammation – #1 cause for diseases

blood pressure by 7%

stress hormone levels by 9%

anxiety, stress, anger, fear

pain, muscle tension, neuropathy

assist with various illness and alignments

Can Elevate, Enhance, Improve

productivity, creativity

attention capacity, concentration

focus, mood & memory – cognitive function

immune system function

self esteem, positive energy

communication, leadership

social connection


Contributing Editors:

Biophilic Lifestylist, Iris Rosin and Internal / Lifestyle-Medicine Doctor known as “Doctor Outdoors: Melissa Sundermann

Bringing their expertise and insightful strategies to lead a resilient life through Biophilia, Wellness & Lifestyle Practices and Principles.


intriguing, nurturing & adventurous

The Web-Guide Is Suitable For All Ages

(under 18 with supervision)

When subscribing to the app you assume all responsibility

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